Klåda i underlivet och graviditetsönskemål!

Klåda i underlivet och graviditetsönskemål!


Hi, I am 31 years old and have no child.
I have some problem that I hope you can answer me.
First I have itching on my clitoris. I am used some baby oil but it did not help.
My menstruation is very painful, i am wondering if it can have any medical reason ?
And finally we are trying to have child for about 8 months but still no result. Should be worried about it ? if yes what should I do ?
Thank you.



Thank you for contacting GynOnline with your question!

When it comes to your itching, the closest diagnosis is fungal infection. If you do not have any rashes or blisters go to the pharmacy and buy antifungal medicines that are non-prescription.

When it comes to your painful periods, there are several conditions that can be the cause of this. A certain pain is okay to have but if it does not go with Paracetamol or Ipren then you should seek help for this from a gynecologist for an examination with ultrasound as it can be a condition called endometriosis which can be the cause of painful menstruation.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months and have not succeeded, then the question is if you have ovulation. Buy ovulation sticks first and then calculate the ovulation date which is just over 2 weeks after your period starts. If you have ovulation, you are trying to get pregnant as usual. If you do not get pregnant, you will seek out a gynecologist when you have tried and become pregnant for 1 year without succeeding. If, on the other hand, you do not get ovulation at all, you should consult a gynecologist earlier to check with ultrasound and see if there is any obstacle.


Hope you got the answer to your question!